NFL PREVIEW 2013: Tommy Victor (Prong) on the NY Jets

Yeah yeah yeah, the J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS! are the joke of the NFL media world. The silly, lap-banded, foot-fetishizing head coach with his man-boy crush on a crappy, metrosexual Rico Suave-like quarterback headline the comedy. Enter the new, Jay-Z-managed, prima donna quarterback, “fighting” for the starting job, adding a considerable amount to the drama. Yes, Rex Ryan blunders again and again with his QB situation. Showing off his new smaller gut by turning sideways to the media at a recent postgame press conference, his ridiculous braggadocio again emerged like his old belly, with his big mouth in rare form. Adding injury to more injury, he jeopardized what apparently was the only choice, at that time, for the starting QB (the love of his life, Mark Sanchez) by placing him behind a third-string offensive line in the fourth quarter of a meaningless preseason game.
But look: something good came out of this! In essence of the original kelly green Jet color, a surprise! A Luck of the Irish quarterback, the son of a New York Giants great. Matt Simms, the undrafted spawn of Phil Simms, looked great in replacement of the sketchy Sanchez. In most folks’ opinion, he looked a lot better than the questionable big money NY Post back page draft pick Geno Smith. But, of course, the Jets, under egocentric Rex, won’t start him, because Rex “doesn’t have to answer” to anybody (body faced sideways like Jackie Gleason talking to Audrey Meadows).

Despite all of this, I think the Jets have some victories to look forward to this season. Sheldon Richardson seems to be a great draft pick at DT, adding to a pretty badass defensive line. Look for Antonio Cromartie to fill Revis Island. First round pick Dee Milliner at the other corner may be raw, but he may provide the right attitude to keep the Jets D respectable. I’m also excited about the the safety corps of Antonio Allen and Dawan Landry. The D is going to be fine.

Back to the O. What Geno can do remains to be seen. I really hope that Sanchez is out of the picture, but if he isn’t, he’ll be able to run new coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s scheme. There’s Pro Bowl talent on the line. They got some very promising TEs in Jeff Cumberland and Konrad Reuland and veteran Kellen Winslow. Maybe Chris Ivory can be a power at RB? Maybe Santonio Holmes can return in form.

I think the Bills are awful. The Dolphins are getting to be overrated already. It’s not the same ol’ Pats anymore. Can we take the division? At least 8-8. Why am I so positive when it comes to the J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS!?