This is Hardcore: Through the Eyes of Hardcore Guys

Today’s the first day of four of 2013’s This is Hardcore Festival. Last week, we spoke to owner and operator, Joe “Hardcore” Mckay about his background, the fest’s humble early years and most everything else concerning the annual Philly throwdown. Read it here. This week, we tracked down members from a few of the 54 bands performing this year to ask them a neat and tidy question: as briefly as possible, what comes to mind when you think of This is Hardcore. We got it all, from the astute to the absurd. Go!
“At first I thought we were playing at a porno convention. Our show should turn it into one.” -Oderus Urungus of Gwar

“Brave vision, immense logistical skills, and a task only a madman would undertake.” Dan Yemin from Kid Dynamite/Paint It Black

“TIHC Bridges the gap between a festival vibe and a small old-school show atmosphere. It’s great to see an event grow so big on home cookin’.” -Sick of It All

“THIS IS HARDCORE: So crucial that I think of it before the Pulp record. “ -100 Demons

“”’Hey Joe, where’s the BEER?’, ‘Hey, Joe. Sorry we’re late’ , ‘Good evening Philadelphia, are you ready to lose your fucking minds?’ , ‘Hey Joe, is there more beer?'” -Ringworm

“Quality.” -Nails

“A yearly ritual pilgrimage to a Hardcore music Mecca in which practitioners of the Hardcore lifestyle leave offerings of screams, sweat, and even blood.” -Wisdom In Chains

“A religious experience.” -Suburban Scum

“A rare opportunity to see so many amazing bands, new and old – TIHC bridges not only generations of hardcore but also the distance between us all.” -Panic

“My dad always told me if you can’t say anything good yourself, quote someone. ‘I get silly when I play in Philly’.” –Rock Bottom