Decibel exclusive: New Malevolent Creation song!

It’s been three years since we’ve heard a peep from death metal originals Malevolent Creation (with Invidious Dominion, in 2010). Decibel is lucky to get our hands and ears on a new track called “Face Your Fear.” Drummer Gus Rios tells us that it’s the first of many the band is writing.
Stream “Face Your Fear” below and then check out a quick q and A from Rios on what we can expect soon from the Florida lifers.

What has the band been up to?

We took almost a year off. The band toured a lot for Invidious Dominion and wanted to not only take a break, but kind of let demand for the band build up again. We did a few shows in Brazil and Mexico, but other than those, we have been laying low. Til now!

Are you working on a new album?

Yes! This is only ONE song of many Phil (Fasciana, guitar) and I are working on. We are still debating how we are going to go about releasing new music. For a band like ours with 11 albums and more than 110 songs, it’s just not making sense to record 10 new songs. We are thinking (still not 100%) that doing EPs might be the way. That way we can concentrate on writing five really good songs and play them all live as well. We don’t want to be a band that has to rely on its past. We want to write songs that are good enough that people will want to hear them live, as well as the “classics.” And realistically we would only do about five songs off of any new album anyway due to the extensive catalog.

Can you tell us a bit about the new song?

The music came about the same way it has since 1997. Phil and I get together and just jam. I record the jams and we listen for gems that we then develop into a song. Then we send it to Brett (Hoffman, vocals) and he does his thing. Phil and I never hear what Brett has written until he records it. It actually makes it a little more exciting because we know Brett always delivers something great and elevates the song to another level. I recorded, produced and mixed the track in my studio, Riversound Productions. Brett lives in Buffalo, NY and did his vocals with Jim Nickles (a former member of MC no less!) at his place called Shredly Studios. I had a friend named Eric Koondel master it. He had mastered another album I recorded and it sounded great. The production is very old school in the sense that we did not use ProTools for editing the piss out of everything. What you hear is what we played! The drums are natural, except for the kick drum sound is a sample replacing the mic’d kick…just like the Morrisound days. And we used an actual guitar amp to record! What a concept?!

Are you hunting for a label or planning to self-release material?

There are quite a few options and having your own studio really helps. So we’ll see what happens. In any case, new music will be coming out before the end of the year or very early next year with plenty of touring to follow!

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