STREAMING: Hyrrokkin’s “Anacoluthon”

Kind of funny that the captcha when I downloaded Hyrrokkin’s Pristine Origin was “guitar player.” This power trio definitely has one of those, and he makes all sorts of crazy noises with his instrument. As does everyone else. A saxophone even shows up at one point. A little bit of Dysrhythmia, a little bit of Animals As Leaders, a little bit of Sonny Sharrock. If you’re into weird heavy avant-garde action with actual musicality attached, prepare to be art rocked. Plus, these guys get bonus points for finding one of the few remaining mythological monsters that hadn’t been used as a band name yet. Enjoy this exclusive premiere of “Anacoluthon.”

***Pristine Origin comes out in September on Sick Room records. You can order it here , follow them on Facebook here, and download their debut cassette, Astrionics, at their bandcamp page here