STREAMING: Fyrnask “Vigil”

As summer reaches her cruel arms into August (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), the days elongate (not scientifically), the sun burns hotter, and time stands still. The Dog Star blazes the night sky. These are, my friends, Canicular Days. But what if long-dead winter—his biting cold and piercing winds—suddenly came into view. A brief respite from dogs going mad and seas boiling over. Would you welcome his Majesty? Let’s find out.
For Germany’s Fyrnask, it’s always winter. Not superficially. Whether it’s the plains of northern Germany or the great Black Forest of the south, it’s perpetually cold in Fyrnask’s world. Formed by a single multi-instrumentalist Fyrnd (don’t Google Translate the name, please) a mere five years ago, Fyrnask has already issued one album, 2011’s Bluostar—new full-length Eldir Nótt arrives this September—to a blizzard of rave reviews.

Decibel was lucky to get an early glimpse of the eerie cold by premiering new Fyrnask track, “Vigil,” in all its 9-minute snow-draped glory. Welcome his Majesty. It’s OK, he (frost) bites.

** Fyrnask’s new album, Eldir Nótt, is out September 23rd, 2013 on Temple of Torturous. It’s not available for pre-order yet, but you can LIKE Temple of Torturous’ Facebook page for updates. Click HERE to Like.