STREAMING: Mercenary “Through Our Darkest Days”

The last time we spent time with melodic death metallers Mercenary was on 2011’s Metamorphosis effort. With a revamped lineup, the Danes managed to change their sound—much to the dismay of long-time fans—but the change opened up a whole new world of potential. They’re no longer stuck to the melodic death construct that made them up-‘n’-comers in Denmark and beyond with 2002’s Everblack and 2008’s Architect of Lies. Which is good for new album, Through Our Darkest Days. With a few years worth of development, Mercenary has returned stronger than ever(black) and with a more vital outlook since the great lineup shift.
“‘Through Our Darkest Days’ portrays life as we know it,” says Mercenary’s René Pedersen. “An album that takes you on an emotional journey through all aspects of human emotion! We wanted to combine the huge sound of the older Mercenary, and the more modern direct approach from “Metamorphosis”, and make the ultimate Mercenary album. Did we succeed? You decide!”

Indeed, you decide. You can decide right now thanks to a digital partnership with Mercenary and Prosthetic Records. How so? Simply click on the “play arrow” on the Soundcloud link player.

** Mercenary’s new album, Through Our Darkest Days, is out July 30th on Prosthetic Records. It’s available HERE. They’ll like you for grabbing a copy and maybe help you learn Danish. Actually, they’ll probably recommend picking up Rosetta Stone.