Orphaned Land “All is One” Track-by-Track

Orphaned Land doesn’t have it easy. As the ambassadors of metal in the Levant and its nearest neighbors, the Israel-based outfit are trying to bridge an incredible cultural, linguistic, religious, and think gap. Through five studio albums, the most recent of which is All is One, they’ve tried to represent both sides of the struggle between Jews and Arabs. Have they succeeded? In some ways, yes. They’re still here after 19 years, and they’re probably more visible—from a non-metal viewpoint—than ever before. That new album, All is One, speaks more to the populace—like on the ballad “Brother”—probably transcends anything in Orphaned Land’s impressive discography, and that includes debut stunner Sahara.
So, check out the track-by-track video (the audio link is HERE if you hate Youtube) and get ready for All is One, in stores and online June 25th.

Oh, here’s a little snippet from frontman Kobi Farhi about All is One: “We felt that we’ve done very complex albums in the past, we’ve proven that we know how to be the most complex band in the world if we want. But this time we had the feeling that, coming from a very complex region, it’s time to make an album that would be fun to do and fun for the fans to hear. A lot of the songs are very sad and tragic, but it’s a little easier to digest the messages in the lyrics. We wanted to make an album that’s easy for any metal fan to understand the lyrics from the very first listen.”

** Orphaned Land’s All is One is out June 25th on Century Media Records. It’s available HERE in various formats and bundles. Or, you can go HERE to find salvation. But you’ll need a diving tank unless you have gills, which is doubtful.