Shyaithan (Impiety) interviewed + Hellish Streaming

** Impiety are Singapore’s longest standing black metal act. Once reviled by just about everyone in their home country, Impiety have, in fact, won over many, their impassioned live performances, dedication, and purveyance of the dark arts proving to be an unstoppable force. To celebrate Impiety’s upward climb from the bowels of Southeast Asia’s cleanest (and smallest country) and the impending release of two critical pieces of music—Vengeance Hell Immemorial and upcoming MCD/MLP The Impious Crusade—we’ve queried head demon Shyaithan to learn more about Impiety’s next infernal steps. Also, enjoy a brutal selection of tracks from rarities collection, Vengeance Hell Immemorial. Your Monday morning just got a lot better (and nastier).
20th Anniversary? Where in the hell did time go?
Shyaithan: Indeed, well more or less 23 years now since our first commencement in 1990. It only gets bigger, badder and uglier each time you hear about us!

What keeps Impiety alive at this point? Beer, blood, and bitches?
Shyaithan: Passion to kill and conquer, that’s always a first. Perseverance and hard work throughout the years not to mention plenty sacrifice just to keep the band on top of the chaos. Just glad the past three years with a stable lineup has been less of a stress factor than it was in the past with lots of lineup shuffles due to not being able to find or sustain the right team for long. So, it has been a tremendous journey—but one with much success and trophies adorned in blood.

How’d you decide which tracks to include on Vengeance Hell Immemorial?
Shyaithan: It was a tough decision but since many fans have been asking for an official CD version of the demo, plus other singles they missed out over the years. Singles which were released via 7” EP only were prioritized. Anyways, I think it’s cool that we have the past demo and singles all in one package.

What do you think of Impiety’s sound over the course of time? It’s changed a bit, right?
Shyaithan: Progression is imminent, challenges faced when putting into gear new ideas always keeps us going. Every time we compose, record and put out something new, there’s always going to be some thing fresh, pretty much taking many by surprise.

I remember metal shows in Singapore were policed. Are shows still getting shut down and bands punished for blasphemous behavior?
Shyaithan: That still prevails but [it’s] more lax once gig organizers are able to obtain licenses from the media authority. Better these days compared to the past, but gigs/concerts held without license still face possible shut down. So far, the past years all has been smooth and I guess the public in general are pretty much open to extreme black and death metal.

Do you still keep in touch with the bands with which you shared wax? I was in touch with Whathayakorn from Surrender of Divinity for a long while but then he dropped off the face of the planet. Or maybe I did.
Shyaithan: Yes, definitely I do. All except the split 7” with Profanatica, I don’t really know where Paul Ledney is right now. But speaking about Whathayakorn, he’s still very much in touch, a close friend and brother, and still hard at work with Surrender of Divinity not to mention busy with his label InCoffin Productions, which also handles not only distribution but organizing international concerts for Thailand, etc.

What’s Impiety up to now?
Shyaithan: We are just about to release a new five-song mini album The Impious Crusade via Hells Headbangers Records, which we just signed earlier this year. August 6th is official street date worldwide. Plug and destroy when you get the chance—it’s plenty vicious and worth the kill!

** Impiety’s collection, Vengeance Hell Immemorial, is out June 28th on Hells Headbangers on wicked fucking wax. It’s available HERE for the blackened and degenerative.

** Impiety’s new MCD/MLP, The Impious Crusade, it August 6th on Hells Headbangers. That, too, is available HERE or face the (s)executioner.