From the Shuman Vault: Almighty Sathanas

Chris Dick recently sounded a black metal call to arms – specifically to state that the Deciblog needs to make like a Cajun dish and get blackened – and when Chris Dick calls our arms, he gets them.
Dyed-black-in-the-wool underground demo aficionados don’t need much encouragement to vomit filth in any given direction, as I found when, some summers ago, I mentioned to a coworker that I’d been getting more interested in black metal.  This coworker – a Mr. Shuman – immediately targeted my mailbox for blast ‘n’ rasp overload.  Data CDs loaded with entire discographies of 3rd tier blasphemers with photocopied cover art, cast-off compilations, and duplicate copies of CDs from the times that he bought music by the lot off eBay – all got shoved lovingly into the little space usually reserved for progress reports and department memos.

At the time, I couldn’t fully appreciate the wealth of material he’d presented me – and let’s be honest, most of it sounded like sun-baked shit – but I recently dug out those brittle plastic coffins again.  Here I introduce you to some of that misunderstood (or not so much) grimness.

AS band pic

Almighty Sathanas hail from Greece, and are apparently still kicking through their split and EP output, though they’ve never released an official full-length.  My Shuman-approved introduction to AS came through the band’s second demo, Spit on Virgin, and now, probably, so does yours.  Included below are portals to the YouTube homes of each of the tracks on that demo.  Fair warning:  if the words “black metal” and “demo” haven’t tipped you off yet, this post is not meant for fans of Cynic, the entire Cruz del Sur catalog, or anyone with any real sense of self-respect.  Hate the world.  Taste the Sathanas.

Unholy Goat






Spit on Virgin


Om Mani Padme Houm


The Dance of Cosmos