Courtesy of the good people at Safety Meeting Records, here is some fresh sludge in the form of the title track of Stone Titan‘s forthcoming debut LP, Scratch N’ Sniff.
Okay, so those of you who are familiar with the underground scene in South Windsor, Connecticut, may well know all about the trio’s trippy sludge. But, for the rest of us who are not quite as clued up on The Nutmeg State’s repertory of dive-bar metal, Stone Titan’s sound is all about low-end and off-kilter guitars fighting it out in the mix with the bass, psych-grooves, and the sort of localized nihilism and anxiety associated with the morning after the beer and the drugs.

Stone Titan are a mess, fucked up in all the right places, and “Scratch N’ Sniff” is one fat pile of gelatinous groove, hollered spite, squawking feedback, with a nasty like HxCx feel-change halfway in. But while it’s a great track, it’s probably not even close to being the best jam on the album (for our dollar, that’s got to be the E.H.G. grade misery ‘n’ riffs of “I Wish I Was Fucking Dead”, or the morbid waddle of “A Brief History of Overweight Men”).

Scratch N’ Sniff is out June 25th. Here is the title-track:

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**Incidentally, Safety Meeting’s Unholy Grave/David Carradine six-inch split is available to order, too, which y’know, might be worth ordering.