Better Living Through Metal: Featuring Iceage

Iceage may be young bucks creating some of the most intriguing/enlivening post-punk noise rock out there these days, but spinning the excellent You’re Nothing we had a hunch the much-lauded Copenhagen quartet might have ingested some metal along the way, too — and wound up getting this uber-sophisticated list of five extremely extreme favorites from drummer Dan Kjær Nielsen…

1. GISM — Detestation

I don’t even know if you could call this metal, but i think it is some kinda heavy and one of my absolute favorite records of all time at all. I don’t think it needs any explanation if you listen to it.

2. Abigail — The Lord of Satan

This is a Japanese metal band that is very, very good at what they do. The Lord of Satan is a collection of most of their black metal stuff before they started playing thrash-metal-beer-drinking-titties kinda stuff and it is nothing short of extremely great.

Iceage, “Coalition”:

3. Peste Noire — La Sanie Des Siècles-Panégyrique De La Dégénerescence

This first record from the French metal band Peste Noire has exactly everything a metal band needs in my opinion. Evil, sorrow, emotion, hate, darkness, beauty, and so on.

4. Incriminated — Kings of Misery

A great record from the kings of Finnish primitive ignorant motorcycle metal. It is unbeatable.

5. Eyehategod — In the Name of Suffering

I don’t even know how to begin explaining this record so I think I…won’t. Slow, heavy, dirty, disgusting, wonderful shit.