Decibel’s Jeff Hanneman Tribute Issue Now Available

It’s impossible to be hyperbolic about the legacy of Jeff Hanneman. Our own Justin Norton comes right out and says it in this month’s cover story: “Every band ever featured in this magazine owes [Slayer] something.”
Hanneman and Slayer have coursed through Decibel‘s lifesblood from the onset, from two Hall of Fames to two exhaustive cover stories. For #105’s long-form tribute, we compiled a moving retrospective obituary, some of Jeff’s most biting quotes, and a litany of heartfelt remembrances from Exodus, Phil Anselmo, At the Gates, Metallica, Testament, Autopsy and countless other contemporaries to give the man the wake he deserves. Pay your final respects and grab a copy of the new issue here.

In more celebratory news, July not only brings a Royal Thunder flexi disc, but the debut of Decibel on Instagram and Tumblr. So, get exploring!