STREAMING: Shining (NOR) “My Dying Drive”

For a long while, Shining (SWE) and Shining (NOR) were swappable entities to the uneducated metal hoi polloi. Thankfully, they’re hardly interchangeable sonically (and visually), as one’s firmly razor-deep in DBM and the other is applying jazz, rock, and black into something rather undefinable—they call it ‘blackjazz’—but altogether Norwegian. Guess which one we have on offer? That’s right. The Norwegian Shining, the very same band responsible for blowing minds and confusing brains on 2010’s Blackjazz effort.
Having spent the last three years writing, fucking with, and re-writing new album, One One One, Shining (NOR) have built upon their obtuse fusion, destroyed the foundation, and emerged like extreme metal avant-heroes. In some regards it’s a more straightforward effort, but in others completely not. New video for lead-off track, “I Won’t Forget,” has an ’80s sci-fi feel, but musically it’s like The Dillinger Escape Plan crossed streams with Ministry’s Psalm 69. Yeah, it’s that good.

Without further sax interjections and exclamatory riff-runs we bring you “My Dying Drive.” A play on My Dying Bride? Maybe. See if you can spot the parallels. They may not be there.

** Shining’s new album, One One One, is out May 28th on Prosthetic Records. It’s available now DIGITALLY or for pre-order as PHYSICAL. One One One is already being claimed, by trusted dB sources, as a best-of 2013 album. Don’t trust us. Listen and be floored.