Listen to Pig Destroyer’s Flexi From the 100th Issue Show

If you didn’t make it out to Philly for our much-ballyhooed (BALLYHOOED, I TELL YOU) 100th Issue Show, you didn’t get a free, limited-edition flexi from that evening’s penultimate performers, the mighty Pig Destroyer. Silver lining: It’s now streaming right here for your listening pleasure. See, even though you were too cheap and lame to be there for the show of the millennium, we extend our pity in the form of total awesomeness. You’re welcome.
Even though that slice of rare grind goodness isn’t available for purchase, you can still commemorate the 100th Issue Show with our very, very Decibel (i.e. arcane and smart-assed) limited edition shirt. There aren’t many left, so hit it now. You need a new look for MDF anyway.