STREAMING: Evile “Underworld”

Name one British thrash metal act from the Golden Age of Thrash that kicks ass and makes newcomers Evile look like prepubescent chipmunks. Do it. Xentrix? Cerebral Fix? Hellbastard? No, no, and no. OK, we’re way off. The Brits had their share of awesome. Sabbat, Onslaught, Lawnmower Deth, Sacrilege, Seventh Angel, and Acid Reign were all part of England’s attempt to top Americans and Germans. Luckily, metalheads the world over didn’t have to pick countries over bands. They just liked what they liked. And that included Xentrix, Cerebral Fix, and the unsightly stylings of Hellbastard.
For Evile, however, they’re part of the new vanguard of thrashers. Informed by history but not a slave to it, the Yorkshire-based act have not just moved units since their 2007 debut, Enter the Grave, but transformed kids with bad musical taste into discerning heshers, who are bound to do what metalheads have done since like, uh, 1980. They’ve gone on to heavier things. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Evile’s shown no signs of weakening or slowing down. The group’s new album, Skull, is every bit as intense as anything—young or old—on the market. How do we know? We’ve heard it. And so shall you, at least eight of nine tracks.

So, it’s with great pleasure (of the flesh) that we present Evile ripper “Underworld.”

** Evile’s new album, Skull, is out May 27th on Earache/Century Media Records. It’s available HERE. Or, you can skate and go home, which isn’t very fun ’cause the Zorlac Double Cut deck you got from the kid down the street has a tailbone and a pair of Z-Rollers.