Decibrity Playlist: Woe

One of my favorite albums so far this year, Woe‘s Withdrawal, drops on Tuesday. To mark the occasion, guitarist Ben Brand sent along the following playlist that I’m pretty sure only he could adequately describe: “In honor of the transition into Spring, I want you all to start thinking about getting that garden growing. Inch by inch, row by row. Here is a sonic checklist that should turn your thumb green and your hearts black.” In fact, we liked his theme so much that we’ve thrown aside our usual format to give his playlist its full effect. Besides the YouTube clips below, however, you can still listen along here.

First off, a good location is the key to support healthy growth. The environment must house all of the key ingredients for a successful garden. Mineral content in the soil is an important aspect to making even the shortest plants stand out.

Now that you’ve got your plot of land, you need a hole. You may need to pick up discarded yogurt containers that flew around during the great Firestorm in the ’90s. When digging, varying depths are based on what is going in the ground.

Maximizing your garden’s potential can be achieved many ways. The addition of nutrient rich products can produce plants that will have your transient neighbors taking two-steps closer to admire your crusty patch (of land).

Proper watering is crucial to all inhabitants of your garden. Utilizing a rain catch system can help immensely. If you have the space, I recommend a 36 chamber holding tank.

The majority of plant life requires sunlight to carry out photosynthesis. As spring shifts to summer, daylight becomes progressively intense.

Too much light can destroy a garden but not enough will cause your plants to get fat, never marry, submit useless comments on message boards, wither and die alone.

A successful garden will be based on your ability to monitor your handiwork and cater to individuals that may need extra care. Tragedy can be averted by a keen eye.

You’ve toiled endlessly nurturing and respecting the majesty you created and now it is time to reap what you have sewn. Take this step with a grain of salt.

Be forewarned, some of nature’s most beautiful creations have evolved to grow defense mechanisms. If you get pricked, stop and think that maybe the universe is reestablishing balance.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and take some time to stop and smell the…

Or, spend your chump change and buy from a specialist.

*Pre-order a copy of Withdrawal here.

**Woe tour dates:

May 10 – The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY (with Mutilation Rites, Mortals)
May 11 – Democracy Center, Boston, MA
May 12 – The Railroad Tavern, Keene, NH (with Falls of Rauros, Obsidian Tongue, Barren Oak, Dark Was The Night)
May 13 – Nectars, Burlington, VT (with Vaporizer, Gorcrow)
May 14 – Pandora’s Box, Quebec, Canada (with Devil Drowned, Cyanide)
May 15 – DEATHOUSE, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (with Ensorcelor, Velvet Glacier)
May 16 – Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (with Alaskan, Occult Burial, Stay Here)
May 17 – Hard Luck Bar, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (with Ischemic, The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra”)
May 18 – Rancho Huevos, Chicago, IL (with Black September, Hedlok, Arahant, Bailout)
May 19 – Cincy by the Slice, Cincinnati, OH (with Merkaba, Highgave, Pusdrainer)
May 20 – Ultra-Dive, Pittsburgh, PA (with Glorior Belli, Wolvhammer, Anciients, Dendritic Arbor)

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