Help Helms Alee Fund Their New Album

The best high school house party of all time disguised as an experimental rock band, Helms Alee is trying to Kickstart funds so they can record, package and self-release their third album, Sleepwalking Sailors. But the ladies and dude are coming at it from a different angle — they’re selling you the pre-sale of their third album, which simply hasn’t been recorded yet.

Having already Kickstarted their brilliantly ludicrous “8/16” music video, the power trio is looking to hit their goal of $5,000 and they’re a mere… oh, they actually hit it. In fact, they’re almost 900 bucks over the goal already. So why the fuck are they asking for more money? Well, here’s Guitarsmith/Vocalician Ben Verellen:

Originally, we didn’t want to shoot for an outrageous amount of money and we knew we could get creative to record and press our new record for $5000. But realizing that “creative” might mean my crappy handwriting on a manila envelope for packaging, we’re hoping to pre-sell more copies. Turns out scratch and sniff is expensive!

There are only a few days left to drop 30 bucks and get a record that should be done and ready for your milky soft hands by November (along with digital download), and extra cash gets you more and more goodies. I wish I could vouch for the music itself, but the Kickstarter video above should show you how serious they are about dominating your every orifice; and if the album sucks, I’ll tell you where they live.