Decibrity Playlist: Anciients

The dudes in Anciients will release their debut album, Heart Of Oak, on Tuesday. Just in case Jeff Treppel’s lead review in our April issue or Kevin Stewart-Panko’s profile the following month weren’t enough to convince you of the Vancouver quartet’s awesomeness, guitarist/vocalists Chris Dyck and Kenny Cook passed along some of the records they’ll be spinning as they hit the road on the Death To All tour starting this weekend. As Dyck explains, “Although most of the time we have Kenny’s iPod set to shuffle, these albums will most definitely be all up in the van. These are a few of our faves to drive to—there are a ton more albums we dig, but most of these get a lot of play and I don’t see that changing any time soon. We listen to a ton of metal and a ton of classic rock [so] that [is] the vibe nine times out of ten…ELO to Mayhem, Thin Lizzy to Suffocation. If it’s good, we recognize it and dig it…haha.”
While we’ll compile all of these tour playlists into a master road warrior playlist one day, in the meantime we’ll turn things over to Chris and Kenny. You can listen along here.

Mahavishnu Orchestra—Visions Of The Emerald Beyond (1975)
I chose this record because it has been one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. The musicianship is completely mind boggling, the way they switch through odd time signatures is amazing and the combo of John McLaughlin (guitar) and Jean-Luc Ponty (electric violin) is outstanding. I still don’t understand how they are able to sync up on some of those runs. What does it the most for me on this record is the insane drumming. Michael Walden just destroys on this recording, it’s like controlled rages of awesomeness that never stray from the pocket and just the all around tone of his playing is godlike. I really enjoy this album from start to finish—just give the first two tracks a listen and you will get the overall picture.—Kenny Cook


Craft—Fuck The Universe (2005)
If I listen to any black metal a lot, it’s this record. It’s most definitely a record that puts you in the mood to crush things, like riffs and such. “Demonspeed” would have to be the track for me off of this album…either that or the title track.—K.C.

This is my favorite black metal record ever, easily. The vocals, the guitar sound, the drumming, the bass tone…everything. Such catchy parts mixed with such dissonance. An amazing record, every song rules. The title track and “Demonspeed” are my jams for life. I feel like punching through concrete when I listen to this in my Kia, it’s so rockin and so badass at the same time. A nearly perfect metal record in my opinion.—Chris Dyck


The Steve Miller Band—Greatest Hits 1974-78 (1978)
This is record I used to listen to as a kid when my mom would drive me to school. It’s the epitome of a greatest hits record, every song is great. You may want to skip “The Joker”—we’ve all heard that enough for one lifetime—but so many other songs are choice on here, “Serenade” being the best.—K.C.

“Serenade”, “Swingtown” and “The Stake” specifically, this collection of Steve Miller tunes is essential as fuck! It is classic and always, always finds its way into the mix. I’m 35, so I have been listening to this album for all my life…crucial cruisin’ tunes.—C.D.


Death—Human (1991)
The greatest Death album, and one of the greatest death metal albums of all time. Every song is brilliant…”Together as One” is my jam. This lineup was a total game changer in my opinion—this smooth, techy, brilliant, clear sound…so stoked to do this tour and see these guys lay waste to thee classic death songs on the reg. Childhood dream realized…yup.—C.D.


Steely Dan—Can’t Buy A Thrill (1972)
The first record by this supergroup of serious musicians. Definitely one of my favorites for sure—love the Denny Dias and Skunk Baxter guitar harmonies, very epic. I always thought “Reelin’ in the Years” was a Thin Lizzy song when I was young because of the guitarmonies. I have always loved the way they threw lap steel in to the mix. Perfect feel good road tunes.—K.C.

Since my brother started bringing Steely Dan to work years ago, our whole family has kinda really made it like our hangout tunes, haha. This album has several classics. What can even be said about Steely Dan—too good, amazing in every way…no comparison…so fucking smooth!—C.D.


Neurosis—Through Silver In Blood (1996)
Our friend Bonnie turned us on to these guys a few years back. Of course I have always entire known about them, duh, but never really, really got to into them. But…once I heard this album, I actually woke up quite a bit…like this record is every art/beard metal bands bible. It humbles me now every time I hear it. The title track, “Eye” and “Locust Star” are essential…beyond heavy. One of the greatest live shows I have ever witnessed…inspiration forever, truly an original band…so rare to find, and they are loud as fuck, so massive bonus points for that.—C.D.


Graveyard—Hisingen Blues (2011)
Graveyard—Lights Out (2012)

Amazing band. I just had the pleasure to see for the first time a month ago. Been listening to them for some time now and it’s just all around killer bluesy rock and roll. The vocals are just ridiculous—this dude has some serious pipes. These two records will be getting some well deserved play time through the stereo in our van.—K.C.

I got into these guys in the last couple years hard. Super classy stoner rock—evil, catchy, [done by] amazing musicians and heavy without distortion all over the place. This album is fucking mint. We just saw them in Seattle…wow. Sweden for the win once again—perfect camping/shotgunning beers album also.—C.D.


High on Fire—Death Is This Communion (2007)
This is my favourite record by HoF. Crushingly killer and perfect for the highway.—K.C.

“Rumors of fucking War”…period. The greatest song to get stoked to of all time.—C.D.


*Pre-order a copy of Heart Of Oak here.

**Anciients tour dates (* for Death To All shows):

4/13 Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues w/ Masters of Steel*
4/15 Engelwood, CO @ Gothic Theatre*
4/18 Detroit, MI@ St. Andrews Hall*
4/19 Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues Cleveland*
4/20 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s*
4/21 Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues*
4/23 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda*
4/24 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza*
4/25 Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of the Living Arts w/ Believer*
4/26 Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore (Silver Spring)*
4/27 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium*
4/28 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre*
5/15 Billings, MT @ Railyard
5/17 Des Moines, IA @ House Of Bricks
5/18 Indianapolis, IN @ Indy’s Jukebox w/ Glorior Belli, Wolvhammer
5/20 Pittsburgh, PA @ Belvedere’s w/ Glorior Belli, Wolvhammer

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