STREAMING: Svart Crown “In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat”

Whoever came up with the name “Freedom Fries,” or “Bars with Stars,” or “American Love Sticks” should be marched over to France and hanged off one of those fancy Rococo buildings they like to put on postcards. French fries aren’t even French. They’re Belgian. That’s how the origin story goes, but history has a way of proving itself wrong. What does fried julienned starch bombs have to do with Nice-based black/death metallers Svart Crown? Nothing. But you learned something right? And the context was somewhat correct, too.
If you’re new to Svart Crown, well, join the club. The four-piece only cracked off in 2004 and since then have produced three full-lengths, all of which aren’t exactly easy to find. OK, scratch that. French label, Listenable, is doing its darnedest to make new Svart Crown platter, Profane, widely available to those who appreciate a little genre humping with their extreme. Fans of Behemoth, Averse Sefira, early Morbid Angel are in for a Luciferian treat, actually. Profane, see, might just be the deadliest piece of music to come out of France since Deathspell Omega’s Drought EP. Sure, there are tons of bands making nasty bales of evil hay for the world to consume at microeconomic levels, but few of them match ferocity of Svart Crown, which is Swedish-English for “black crown.” Hey, that’s better than Black Krona.

Enjoy Svart Crown’s evil business while you prepare for another life-affirming weekend of laundry, sofa olympics, and those mandatory trips to Carl’s Jr.

** Svart Crown’s new album, Profane, is available for pre-order HERE. If the cover art of a pregnant demon-woman isn’t enough to entice you then perhaps the full-throttled black-death attack is. We all need a little hate in our lives, right?