PENTAGRAM (Chile) and more confirmed for LIVE EVIL FESTIVAL 2013

Attn: London’s Live Evil Festival 2013 has just announced a bunch of bands, and as you’d probably expect from the underground’s most, uhh, kvltly curated festival, with 100% of the line-up endorsed by Fenriz’s Band of the Week blog, they are all 100% poseur-free and awesome.
Legendary Chilean death-thrashers Pentagram will be joined by: Arkham Witch, English doom featuring members of The Lamp of Thoth; French N.W.O.S.D.M crew Necrowretch; Irish death/black metallers ZOM; Norwegian blackened thrash trio Condor; Welsh blackened-doom troupe Ghast; Eliminator, heavy metal from England (it’ll never catch on); and finally England’s premier glam-crust band Bastardhammer . . .

Live Evil 2013 will take place on October 18th-20th at the Highbury Garage, London, with two UK exclusive shows from reformed NWOBHM elders SATAN and Ohio slayers MIDNIGHT already confirmed.

As the learned magi of the Live Evil inner circle put it:
With a perfect new venue, killer headliners and a great mix of bands should prove to be the best ever Live Evil. This year includes two stages (upstairs used early in the day), a mini-metal market upstairs too and a late late Saturday after-party takeover of the WHOLE venue included in the ticket price. There are still a few more killer names to be announced for the main festival so get tickets so we can afford to book the bands! You can also expect one more killer act to play with Antichrist and Deathhammer at the separately ticketed Friday pre-show. This is also at The Garage (upstairs) and will also be insane!

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**Highbury Garage website

And here’s a cheeky wee video preview of the line-up’s latest additions:


Arkham Witch