STREAMING: Spiritual Beggars “Wise As A Serpent”

There are times when you just want to forget the world around you and just cut a Persian rug. Great rock records were made without worrying what Tom, Dick, and Harriet Tubman were up to and how they perceived a sound, a scene, a recording technique, or a pair of pants. Sweden’s Spiritual Beggars have been doing what they want since their inception back in 1992 when Swedish death metal was hip and heavy, jam-oriented rock was for balding 50-year-olds still fond of Kebnekaise, November, and Made in Sweden.
Well, music is cyclical (and cynical if you’re a suit) but good hard rock never dies. Such is the case of the upcoming Spiritual Beggars long-player, Earth Blues. Two years in the making—predecessor Return to Zero is a bit of Spiritual Beggars high mark—Earth Blues represents the band’s all-killer approach to making music. That is: let it be organic, natural, free-flowing, enjoyed by and with friends, and, most important of all, make it heavy. ’70s heavy, like Lucifer’s Friend.

For ultra-cool factor we nabbed Spiritual Beggars’ Per Wiberg to illustrate the point. As if the music and video of “Wise As A Serpent” doesn’t. “‘Wise As A Serpent’ is a cool track and a good showcase of what the new Beggars album, Earth Blues, is all about: wild playing and rocking vocals! We always have a really good time jamming together, and we wanted to have some no-frills footage representing what we do best, which is rocking out. Making videos usually means waiting around a lot, but this was short and sweet and done in true DIY fashion with the assistance of good friend and overall talented dude Anders Björler (At the Gates, ex-The Haunted). Enjoy!”

** Spiritual Beggars’ new album, Earth Blues, is out April 16th in North America on InsideOut Music. Pre-order bundles are available HERE. Or, you can go HERE for a bevy of Spiritual Beggars musical options. Or, go HERE (NSFW!) to get your ’70s porn trailers on while you boogie to new beats.