STREAMING: Cauldron “End of Time”

Now, you might be thinking, “Oy, what’s this Cauldron song doing as a Deciblog premiere?!” We realize Cauldron’s new long-player hit the streets—in the UK and Europe at least—last autumn, but this is the first time the Canucks have Tomorrow’s Lost available to North American hesher fiends without the import price on new Earache venture with Century Media. In fact, it’s not lost on the members of heaviest trio from the Great White North that the continent on which they reside is finally getting access to their labor of old-school love.
“We’re really proud of our latest slab, Tomorrow’s Lost and we’re happy that it’s going to be released under the new Earache/Century Media partnership in the U.S. on April 30th,” beams vocalist/bassist Jason Decay. “We’ve always been fighting for the music we believe in and this is our best auditory offering of what Heavy Metal is to us; the real deal for the greasiest of bangers and rivet heads. We’re looking forward to blazing a trail across North America this spring on our America’s Lost tour, so come out and be part of a full-on Metal massacre in a town near you!”

Formed in 2006 and with three full-lengths to under their Time Bandits-like leather belts, Cauldron have been at the forefront of throwback metal, which is fastly becoming the son du jour, with bands like Enforcer, White Wizzard, fellow throwbackers Katana, Wolf, Holy Grail, In Solitude, and more occupying the nostalgia portion of our alcohol-damaged brains.

So, take a swig of that skunk beer that’s been sitting on the table for the last two days. Savor the stale flavor and relish times long gone when you rolled your cigs up your sleeve and cuffed your carrot to Bunny Bleu.

** Cauldron’s new album, Tomorrow’s Lost, is available April 30th, 2013. Click HERE and we might send you a sticky pic of Hyapatia Lee. Just don’t tell mom where you got it.