Decibrity Playlist: Inter Arma

Last year, Torche was so stoked about the coming of summer that it passed along a “summer fun” mix. To help get ready for the warmer weather this year, we enlisted the assistance of Inter Arma guitarist Trey Dalton to tell us about some albums to spin once “spring has come and it’s time to grill out.” While the Richmond, VA quintet will release its fantastic sophomore effort, Sky Burial, on March 19th, it will also hit the road starting Saturday with Mutilation Rites (see dates below). It’s a safe bet that not only will be plenty of barbecuing taking place wherever these guys roam, but that said grilling will always be accompanied by some great tunes. You can listen along here.

Outkast—Aquemini (1998)
You could probably sub in any Outkast record here, but this one in particular is my favorite. Nothing quite like a powerhouse hip-hop record to loosen up a crowd of people. “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” is a perfect party jam. I can hear the trumpet melody line right now. This record screams low key and relaxed more often than not which is exactly where one should be mentally while flipping burgers with your pals.


Jaga Jazzist—One-Armed Bandit (2010)
This sticks with the relaxed music theme. It’s got enough to be pretty engaging if you’re really listening to it but can be just as effective as background music. “Bananfluer overalt” is a perfect example of what I mean. It shifts back and forth from a pretty in the box staccato groove to a more traditional jazz instrumentation. So much cool stuff on this record.


Iron Maiden—Powerslave (1984)
This record, to me, is the perfect mix of singalong Maiden and solid, deep cuts Maiden. This is the album you put on a few hours into the party when everyone is feeling loose. There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of drunk dudes trying unsuccessfully to hit the high note in “Aces High”. This is also a good choice if you think things are starting to die down some but you want to inject some new life into the group. It’s the musical equivalent of a Five Hour Energy.


Prince And The Revolution—Purple Rain (1984)
This is the record I put on to weed out the tourists. If you’re not singing along, or at least having a good time, during “Let’s Go Crazy” then you need to walk yourself to another cookout because you’re taking yourself too seriously. I also tend to try and punch things at the end of “The Beautiful Ones” because it’s just so damn righteous. The end to “Computer Blue” is as heavy as a lot of things coming out now, anyway. There’s also no better way to wrap up any event than by playing the title track. I mean, come on, right?


The Allman Brothers Band—At Fillmore East (1971)
This is a spectacular spring afternoon record. I could listen to “Whipping Post” whenever, but it seems particularly apt on a sunny day in late March or April. It’s got enough variance within the music itself and enough length that it can simultaneously provide air guitar fodder and background noise for whatever conversation you’re having. The whole vibe is positive, and who wants a super negative cookout?


Oranssi Pazuzu—Muukalainen puhuu (2009)
This is probably the most out there choice that I’d chance, but I think that this works as well on a clear March evening as it would during Halloween. “Kangastus 1968”, while pretty damn creepy, is just so relaxing. The tremolo on the guitars and the keyboards flying around at the top of the mix are awesome. I could say the same thing about “Dub kuolleen porton muistolle”. It just rules and fits all the criteria I need for a night that’s winding down.


My Bloody Valentine—Loveless (1991)
Not a lot I really need to say about this one. It’s certainly going to be a crowd favorite. But this might be the best representation of a record that simultaneously engages and allows itself to fade into the background. Not a lot of records can do that. Good on them.


Frank Ocean—Channel Orange (2012)
I’m picking this one because I think it rules and don’t want OutKast to be the lone hip-hop/R&B record on the list. I mean, a BBQ is essentially a party, and a party without good hip-hop is not a fun party. Channel Orange is the best hip-hop/R&B record in close to a decade. Everyone should listen to this, even dirty metalheads like myself.


*Pre-oder a copy of Sky Burial here.

**Mutilation Rites/Inter Arma tour dates:

Mar 09 Cincy By The Slice, Cincinnati, OH
Mar 10 Cobra Lounge, Chicago, IL
Mar 11 FUBAR, St Louis, MO
Mar 18 The War Room, El Paso, TX
Mar 19 Chasers, Phoenix, AZ
Mar 20 Moustache Bar, Tijuana, Mexico
Mar 21 The Slidebar, Fullerton, CA
Mar 22 Mayas, Corona, CA
Mar 23 Rock City, Camarillo, CA
Mar 24 DNA LOUNGE, San Francisco, CA
Mar 25 The Colony, Sacramento, CA
Mar 26 Highline, Seattle, WA
Mar 27 The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA
Mar 28 Rotture, Portland, OR
Mar 29 The Shredder, Boise, ID
Mar 30 Burts Tiki Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 31 Aqualungs, Denver, CO
Apr 01 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA
Apr 02 Medusa, Minneapolis, MN
Apr 03 High Noon, Madison, WI
Apr 04 Franks Power Plant, Bayview, WI

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