Nader Sadek Live! DVD Footage Premiere

Egyptian-born Nader Sadek, stage set designer and mask maker extraordinaire for kvltists Sunn O))) and Mayhem, received further notoriety nearly two years ago by writing a phenomenal death metal record and getting legendary gentlemen like Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel), Rune Eriksen (Aura Noir, Ava Inferi), and Flo frickin’ Mounier (Cryptopsy) to lay it down all brutal-like.  In the Flesh ruled on the most basic death metal level, but it also encompassed an engaging environmentalist concept (human addiction to petroleum and the machines that are powered by it) that launched it past all the gore and Satan references we usually get off on.
NaderSadek hair

About six months after In the Flesh hit our speakers, the album’s creators took the stage at Santos Party House in Manhattan, ripped the songs a few new holes and filled said holes with all manner of awesome.  Haunting female vocals, faster tempos, edgier sonics, and a sweet drum solo turned the music into a somewhat different experience than the record had been, and all to the better.

Since you weren’t there, though, the whole show was audio and video recorded for a simultaneous CD/DVD release.  Next week (February 27) you’ll get to hear/see the whole devastating show, but RIGHT NOW we have DVD footage of the band tearing into “Nigredo in Necromance”.  It’s definitely one of my favorite Nader Sadek songs, with an expansive chord progression that simmers under all the percussive chaos.  Sadek’s freaky vocals and Sean Frey’s leads/solos work into the brain like rusty corkscrews.


Here’s your oil-metal fix for the day.  (Okay, there’s another one, “Sulffer”, over at Metal Injection, too.  Careful not to OD.)  Hair windmill!