Listen & Love: Globe & Beast

Now that the puck has finally been dropped on a (truncated) hockey season, it looks like we’re going to have to sit and wait for the esteemed Keith Huckins – he of Rorschach, Deadguy and Kiss it Goodbye fame – to unglue his eyes from the bank of Center Ice Package-equipped widescreens mounted in his secret upstate NY man-cave before we can finally get moving on that She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Hall of Fame. Considering that the end of hockey season, during Gary Bettman’s ridiculous tenure, seems to run later and later, seemingly into next season’s training camp at the best of times, who knows how long we’ll be waiting. So, might as well quell our urges with bands cut from the same cloth and of similar sonic mind. One of them, San Diego’s Globe & Beast, has a new album set for release on March 19th via Melotov Records. It’s entitled Grandfather’s Axe and is reminsicent of the records Victory, Revelation and Equal Vision Records used to release: noisy, sinewy, mathy, violent, metallic hardcore with heart and soul, wrapped in tire irons and dipped in battery acid.
To celebrate it forthcoming release, and all around awesome-osity, we present a sneakpeek with a track called “A River’s Mouth” (lyrics below). It’s perfect listening for both knee-on-knee hits and slew-footed dangles.

Globe & Beast – A River’s Mouth by Ksp668 on Mixcloud

A River’s Mouth
We nod, we drowse, we sleep. I’m trying to stay awake.
Through the motions from a river to a lake.
We move like drones, slaves to a clock.
Hoping for change at the end of the dock.
These waters are vast; will I dive in head first?
The monotony feels like a fucking curse.
I see uncharted waters up ahead.
They’re open, they’re endless, relentless.
Destinations unknown. I hope I find peace, a place to call home.

deciblog - globe and beast cover

Globe & Beast
Melotov Records