STREAMING: Incendiary “Primitive Rage”

Everything is cyclical. Especially in music. Go far enough in the future and Crabcore will be the next wave of cool and innovative (god, let’s hope not). For hardcore, it hasn’t been an easy decade since its popular upswing in the mid to late ’90s and eventual zenith in the early ’00s, but that’s about the change with the imminent release of Incendiary’s upcoming long-player, Cost of Living.
Informed by old-school floor warriors Strife and Snapcase but not subservient to either, Incendiary is primed to bring back metallic hardcore without the pretensions of hardcore’s inevitable forward march into metalcore. This is hardcore metallic. That the Long Islanders do it with North East Corridor conviction shouldn’t surprise anyone.

So says Incendiary: “‘Primitive Rage’ is a song off our upcoming full-length entitled Cost of Living. Lyrically, the song addresses the constant struggle to balance creativity and independence with the realities of modern life. The song also touches on another theme present on Cost of Living: the substitution of our real life emotions, fears, and desires for a safe, disconnected existence online. This is our first full-length record since 2009’s Crusade and we are thrilled to be releasing it on Closed Casket Activities.”

** Incendiary’s new album, Cost of Living, is out 3/19/13 on Closed Casket Activities. Pre-order available shortly, or you can find yourself at 4% raise and hope your boss goes for it. Right?