STREAMING: Necrowretch “Putrid Death Sorcery”

Back in the old days—1988-1991—you didn’t need to sound “retro” to be cool. Even if you sucked you were cool because you were death metal. Black and white band photo, a group of scowling dudes, the obligatory cemetery backdrop (or rubble heap), and a kick-ass logo were all you needed to convince worldwide throngs you belonged with the rest of the pack. In the new days—i.e., now—the essentials don’t mean shit. You’re cool because somebody on an Internet forum says you’re cool. A tastemaker with an audience of 12.
Actually, that’s not true. Take France’s Necrowretch, for example. For years—since 2008, actually—they’ve toiled in obscurity, releasing demos and 7″‘s on labels small and cult. Well, it didn’t take long before death metal’s original Eye of Sauron (aka Century Media Records) gazed upon the Rhône-Alpes region of France and found, like they had back in the old days, something real, something cool, something decidedly violent and altogether evilly incandescent. Sure, Necrowretch owe their very existence to bands before them, but not the bands normally cited in I-love-the-past treatises. Right. No Entombed or Nihilist. Carnage or Dismember. We’re talking Merciless. With a smattering of Blasphemy.

It’s time to put on your black pants, your never-washed jean jacket, and a pair on non-descript black shoes—Adidas makes an all-black Samba just so you know. It’s time to wage war on hump day. It’s time for Necrowretch to rise from their moldy grave to rule all!

** Necrowretch’s debut full-length, Putrid Death Sorcery, is out February 5th on Century Media Records. Pre-order it HERE to get a good vile dose of the bubonic plague. Go on now. It’s what all grown-up metal of deathers do these days.