STREAMING: The Resistance “Face to Face”

Guitarist Jesper Strömblad has dusted more bands than any prominent guitarist from Sweden. From In Flames and HammerFall to All Ends and recently resurrected Ceremonial Oath, Mr. Strömblad’s hasn’t had it easy. Same goes for his co-axeman Glenn Ljungström. First he bolted from In Flames and then Dimension Zero. But if any two guitarists command attention, either separately or together, it’s Strömblad and Ljungström, who recently formed The Resistance with ex-The Haunted throater Marco Aro and ex-Repugnant drummer Chris Barkensjö.
But don’t confuse The Resistance to a supergroup. They want to be known more for the blistering, melodic death than the respective awards of its membership. Comments Strömblad simply: “This is gonna be some good violent fun!” Yeah, we can agree with that. Sit back and blast “Face to Face.” This little ditty comes off of The Resistance’s upcoming Armoury Records four-track EP, Rise From Treason.

** The Resistance’s new EP, Rise From Treason, is out January 29th as a CD, a 7″ and a digital download on Armoury Records. Nab them HERE or listen to Dimension Zero’s “Stayin’ Alive” on repeat for eternity.