One-Half of the New Weekend Nachos 7″

We love us some Weekend Nachos ’round the hallowed corridors of the Decibel nerve centre and its various satellite offices. So, when WN vocalist John Hoffman emailed us earlier this week asking if we wanted to throw up the A-side of the band’s new 7″, the “DUH!” was positively Richter Scale-worthy. The track originally appeared over at (which explains all the Bloody Disgusting markers and such) and was originally accompanied by a killer interview conducted by Friend of Decibel, Dom at A389 Records on the topic of Nightmare on Elm Street nerdism. It was far more awesome than any interview subject matter we could have broached, so in the spirit of sharing – these are the folks who brought us Cephalic Carnage’s “Ohrwurm” and Cattle Decapitation’s “Forced Gender Reassignment” videos, after all – we figured the least we could do is link it up for your reading pleasure while spreding Weekend Nachos’ noisy gospel. Check it out here. Rock out below.

P.S. “I’m gonna split you in two” and “This, is God!” are still my favourite Freddy one liners.