STREAMING: Denouncement Pyre “Almighty Arcanum”

Few metal bands of the world truly frighten. Whether it’s songs of Satan, ancient fjords, circumcised babies, or dismembered women (far more common than dismembered men, mind you), metal bands have covered it all ad nauseam. And we, as metal acolytes, have become accustomed to that which would normally repulse or scare. But, there are times when bands do project danger, a sense of uncertainty, an unbridled noise that scorches the cockles of our clearly corrupt hearts. Case in point: Denouncement Pyre.
Formed in 2003 out of members of Order of Orias and Nocturnal Graves—who rule worlds, actually—Melbourne’s Denouncement Pyre is nothing like the city they call hole. Far from enotecas, sunny harbors, and tramcar dining, these three Aussies have figured out a way into Hell’s Kitchen via a blasting concoction of death and black metals. When speaking to Witching Metal, Denouncement Pyre had the following to say about their sound: “To the point I would say Black/Death Metal, more specifically with chaotic and violent passages mixed with some mid-paced, dark and at times melody driven parts (in reference to the newer material in particular). I think we have a backbone that relates to old school metal and we don’t hide or deny that. Naturally we create music that we would want to listen to ourselves; however we don’t care to re-invent the wheel or exist to pay homage to any scene or band, nor experiment for the sake of being different. Everything we put into our music is to please ourselves, to serve our own purpose, and to convey the atmosphere and ideology that we wish to convey.”

It’s with great Luciferian pleasure that we, Decibel and Hells Headbangers, have the full Denouncement Pyre album, Almighty Arcanum on display. Due to certain limitations, we had to upload it as one track, but we’re working on remedying the situation shortly. Until then, hit play and descend into the darkest depths of your hump day. It’s truly uninviting.

** Denouncement Pyre’s new album, Almighty Arcanumis, out January 22nd on Hells Headbangers. Order it HERE. Or, find yourself right in the middle of a swirling vortex to the lowest rung of Hell. Wait, that sounds kind of cool, right?