Seven Inches into the New Year, with Feral King and Lonely Ghost Parade

The Lord Herself knows Zao has kept it super-low on the spotlight front since the release of 2006’s The Fear is What Keeps Us Here. The promotional push for Awake? was zilch and the only “concrete” mentions of this supposed new album they have waiting in the wings for 2013 comes via Wikipedia and hardcore fans posting anticipatory messages on the band’s Facebook page. So, while the uncertainty ambles on, why not check out some Zao-related stuff?
Here, courtesy of Phil at Last Anthem Records, is a stream of a split 7″ due out soon, if it already isn’t available. This record features tracks from Feral King and Lonley Ghost Parade and you can read a little about who’s who below, and listen to your hearts’ content.

Tracks one and two: “Supraorbital” and “Scaenger” by Feral King (former members of Spitfire/The Takeover). Recorded at Double O Studio (VA) with Tim Gault (Moutheater).

Track three: “Stand In The Fire” by Lonely Ghost Parade (former members of Zao) Recorded at the Treelady Studios (PA) with Dave Hidek and Garrett Haines.

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