Chances are…Behind the Scenes at A389 Records

Chances are you know about Scion’s involvement in the world of extreme music (as well as garage rock and electronic music scenes). Chances are some of you have even gone on online to whine about a huge corporation like Scion/Toyota digging their claws and worming their tentacles into our sacred little world… after picking up your free Wormrot and Revocation EPs and downloading those two new Witch Mountain tracks, no doubt. Chances are you’ve attended one of the many fests, showcases and shows Scion has organised; I know I have. Chances are you’re aware that Scion have a series of video mini-docs focusing on underground labels and have previously featured Moshpit Tragedy, Profound Lore, Prosthetic and Relapse. Chances are you’re aware of the heart-on we have for Dom Romeo’s A389 Records. Well, worlds are colliding my friends as the Deciblog presents Scion A/V’s feature on A389, including interviews with Romeo, live footage of Integrity, Seven Sisters of Sleep and the Love Below, as well as footage of Dom’s home set-up and his transgression of child labour laws in getting his daughter to help package pre-orders.
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And if you can’t make it out to Philly for Decibel’s 100th Issue show, check out the annual A389 Bash in Baltimore that same weekend.