STREAMING: Valdur “Blast Beast”

Deep in the heart of east central California—that’d be Mono County or to be more specific Mammoth Lakes—lies one of the most enigmatic black metal outfits this side of France. Although Valdur aren’t particularly coy about revealing where they’re from, they’re pretty tight on who they are. Formed in ’03 but fiercely independent—their close affiliation with Bloody Mountain Records is no secret—Valdur have crafted two full-lengths and numerable one-off singles and EPs, the latest of which is The Hammer Pit EP.
To kick off the final moments of 2012—yes, we’re still here; no apocalypse—we’ve teamed up with Valdur’s unnamed emissary to premiere new track, “Blast Beast.” One listen in and it’s pretty evident Valdur have designed its last song of the Year Of The Dragon with uncompromising effect. The guitars swirl like a wicked blizzard at night, the drums blaaast! an unheard of brutality, and the vocals sound like they come from the blackest depths of the Mammoth Mountain. And then there’s that ominous horn-like sound permeating the soundscape. The end of the world or the beginning of an evil era, Valdur certainly understand black metal’s key dynamics without making them sound tired.

So, as 2012 clicks to a close, ‘spin’ “Blast Beast” from Valdur’s upcoming as-yet-untitled long-player. It might be the last black metal you’ll ever hear. Oh, wait. 12/21/2012 already passed, right?!

** Valdur’s new EP, Blast Beast, is available directly from the mighty Valdur as a digital download. Go HERE to seal your fate in swirl of chaos and impending doom. Now, don’t argue, just do it!