Full Album Stream: Stagnant Waters

This is not Christmas music. Here at Decibel we’re always on the lookout for weird and unexpected shit for your listening pleasure. And the self-titled release from French/Norwegian outfit Stagnant Waters fits the bill.
This band looks at the 12-bar structure like highly evolved aliens look at a toaster oven. We’re at a loss to describe this sucker except to say it’s like free jazz, Anaal Nathrakh, Shining (both the self-mutilating and beret wearing versions) and a bunch of other stuff all at once. It’s a veritable buffet table of extremity and weirdness.

Get a taste of the full album below, available from Adversum. The band’s bio follows the stream.

Comprised of Norwegian vocalist Svein Egil “Zweizz” Hatlevik, drummer/electronics operator/clarinetist Aymeric Thomas and guitarist/bassist Camillle Giraudeau, STAGNANT WATERS have recorded a spontaneous, experimental and energetic album, a maximalistic, hedonistic and animalistic celebration of unfettered creativity.