Soundtrack to Your Insomnia

“I’ve got a problem with bands that come from an area but don’t reflect where they’re from,” While She Sleeps vocalist Lawrence Taylor says toward the end of the press release accompanying This is the Six, the UK band’s latest hypercharged slab of frenetic metalcore. “I know a lot of bands that will sing with American accents but we want to reflect that we’re not representing anything but exactly who we are.”
Fair enough. But such a declaration does sort of beg the question: Yeah, well…what’s so special about Sheffield?

For an answer Decibel sought out While She Sleeps bassist Aaran Mckenzie, who was kind enough to provide the following list of the top five reasons American metalheads should give While She Sleeps’ hometown its proper respect….

1. Corporation

Corporation is a night club/venue for the metalheads of Sheffield and for anyone into rock music. It’s dark and sticky but the drinks are cheap and the music is loud, playing the likes of Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Rob Zombie, plus many more. It would be right up your street, people, I assure you. Also many great tours pass through “The City Of Steel” that are pretty much guaranteed to play one of the two great stages inside this legendary night club.

2. The Local Uprising

Every city in the UK has its many ups and downs with its local music scene, but Sheffield right now is at an all time high. There are so many bands coming out of Sheffield at the minute and making a name for themselves out there. Great examples are Dead Harts and In Arms, along with bands that have been out there for years like Bring Me The Horizon. All the great success inspires the local underground scenes and week after week you can attend a local show in Sheffield or the surrounding areas, so there’s always something for you to get down to and get your groove on!

3. Peak District

Although this is not strictly in Sheffield, it is located extremely close to the city. Metalhead or not, if you visit Sheffield you must visit the Peak District and enjoy one of the most extraordinary untouched natural areas in the world. More than 22 million people visit the Peak District each year to view the scenery including rivers and parks. The area also has a phenomenal amount of amenities for the millions of tourists that visit. The sights are truly breathtaking and it is a regular chill out place for most of us in Sleeps.

4. Tattoos

Sheffield is making a big name for itself for its great tattoo artists in the city right now. All of which are right on your doorstep in the city centre. Just to name a few: Rich Smith at Five Magics Tattoos, Tacho at Follow Your Dreams and Thou Art Tattoo Studio, all of which are within five minutes walking distance from each in the city centre. Plus there are many more in the surrounding areas from the centre so you never have to go far to get some fantastic ink. So for all you metalheads who can’t go more than two minutes without a tattoo, there’s no better place than good old Sheffield with tattoo parlours wherever you turn!

5. Don Valley Centertainment & Meadowhall

So when you have burnt out from getting spannered at Corporation, swinging your arms around to Sheffield’s finest underground scene and being inked up by the best, Don Valley Centertainment is the place to go. It was built on land previously occupied by steel mills which also includes what is now Meadowhall shopping centre. It is home to several restaurants, bars, a cinema, and a bowling alley as well as other attractions, so there’s never a dull moment. It’s also a perfect opportunity to nip into Meadowhall and purchase new tubes and rings that you lost in the pit…

This is the Six is available now. Keep up with While She Sleeps via Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.