STREAMING: Bloody Hammers — “Black Magic”

It looks like “occult rock” (i.e. heavier music with discernible song structures and radio potential) isn’t going away in 2013. We’re not sure if we were swayed by necromancy or the fact that there’s a naked lady on the cover (likely the latter) but we’re streaming an exclusive premiere of the track “Black Magic” by the Charlotte-based Bloody Hammers. It’s an original, not a cover of the old-school Slayer song that started the flip side of Show No Mercy.
The eponymous album will be released February 3, 2013 in North America via Soulseller Records, distributed by RED. The album was produced by bassist/vocalist Anders Manga at Greystone Studios in North Carolina. The band was named after a Roky Erickson song (an artist name checked numerous times by dB approved Devil’s Blood guitarist Selim Lemouchi).

Listen to the track below and get in touch with the band here or visit their Bandcamp page. Then tell us what you think.