VIDEO PREMIERE: Swarm Of Arrows “Alive Like Death”

It ain’t often the City of Brotherly Hate produces music that isn’t A) learning disabled hip-hop B) pretentious art rock or C) hipster/horned rim glasses acoustic “singer”/”songwriter” drivel. So, when extremely extreme (r) stuff like Swarm of Arrows arrives on the barely-there scene, there’s reason to take notice. The Great Seekers Of Lesser Life, Swarm of Arrows’ newest ruling platter, has been described as “Converge meets Mastodon meets Kvelertak.” Now, we’re not one to say no or accuse the Swarm dudes of hyperbole, but the likeness/comparison isn’t far off.
To christen Swarm of Arrows on their new voyage through sweaty gigs, horrific bathroom situations, and merch counting parties, Dullest Records has sent us the exclusive—we’re so special—video premiere of “Alive Like Death.” Enjoy responsibly, please.

If that wasn’t all, Dullest Records also wants to give away three (3) copies of The Great Seekers Of Lesser Life and its Ryan Patterson-designed awesomeness. You know Ryan Patterson, right?! If not, well, you should. To win, you just have to email us. That’s it. New tuneage on CD AND new t-shirt just for emailing Decibel.

Email HERE.

If you don’t want to email us for free extremity by guys you wouldn’t want to meet at night on Ranstead Street, Dullest Records is giving the record away as a digital download. So, point, click, take your little dark corrupt hearts HERE.

And, fucking finally, Swarm of Arrows have a record release show in Philadelphia’s Art Museum area. So, when you’re done bragging about the iPad you got for Christmas, you can head over to North Star Bar on December 27th to ruin your hearing. See details below.

Thursday December 27th @ North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA
Old Wounds
Quiet Arcs
Mob Terror
Doors: 7pm Admission: $10

** Swarm of Arrows’ new album, The Great Seekers Of Lesser Life, is out now on Dullest Records. Click HERE to order if you want the physical deal. If not, well, as stated above the band and label are giving the album away for a limited time. That’s right. Free extremity. Click HERE.