For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Wow, this birdshit is REALLY drying up at the bottom of the cage this time. There’s not a whole lot coming out, but we’ll get through it somehow, my friends. I’ll just pick some stuff here at random, some things your old boy Waldo may not be too familiar with.
OK, this is plain silly. HUMANITY DELETE are releasing Never Ending Nightmares. This is death metal, with a little more of a thrashy edge. They call it “paranormal death metal,” and I suppose it could be considered that given their topics (see the below video for “The Jenglot”). This is a one-man band and has that Swedish death vibe a little. The riffs are kind of cool, but the drum machine never really changes, so it gets a little sterile. I dunno, I think this is pretty beaking fun. Nothing too complex or arty here, just pure death metal fun brought to you by Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Bonegnawer, Fondlecorpse and more). Check this out. It’s not plain silly–I take that back–just pure death metal fun. 6 Fucking Pecks.

OK, keeping on the one-man band sort of vibe is OPIUM WARLORDS, We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky. The best way for me to wrap my bird-brain around this is by calling it black metal doom. I assume that the “Pussy in the Sky” is a reference to god, and not me when I am flying, because I, my friends, am certainly no pussy. Anyway, this is squawking SLOW with a capital S, and DOOM with a capital D. There are five tracks here, and I can kind of hear a little Abruptum in the vocals, and the dronier side of doom like Blood of the Black Owl. This is pretty cool–interesting, at least–but it’s kind of hard to make a clear distinction on whether I like it or not, because it is a little out there. I wonder if there was actually opium involved in the creation of this. 5 Fucking Pecks.

The Polish metal dudez are back, I guess; I don’t think they ever really went too far. HELLECTRICITY release their second album, Salem’s Blood. This is trad metal. It’s okay… not as fun as a lot of this type of stuff. I REALLY have a problem with the vocals; I mean, they just aren’t good. This walks that fine line between heavy metal and hard rock. So, yeah, it’s like that. The riffs are fairly derivative and nothing really stands out. I just prefer a little more fun in my metal like this, but if this is your thing, head out on your Harley and blast this. This is an utterly stupid name, too, so 3 FUCKING PECKS.

Well, that’s it for this week. I’ll have my best of the year in my next segment, so check it. Waldo out.