Dave Grohl Loves Hearing About Heavy Metallers’ First Time

The Foo Fighters may be on a hiatus important enough to be noted by the nation’s newspaper of record, but Dave Grohl remains busy, putting the finishing touches on his debut directorial effort Sound City, a documentary about “the truth, the craft and the integrity of Rock and Roll.” And as part of the buzz-building slow roll out, several interesting/funny/oddball clips of musicians talking about their first musical experiences have begun popping up online, including a few from well known metal, punk, and hard rock luminaries.
Amongst the delicious nuggets you will find below are bits on Trent Reznor’s ongoing appreciation for The Partridge Family’s Greatest Hits, Ross Robinson’s pre-Korn checkered past as a wasted toddler blasting Zepplin, Lars Ulrich’s continuing enthusiasm for the story of Lars Ulrich, and Ratt’s memories of Diamond Dave as a helluva nice guy to the young hair metal bucks hanging out in front of the Whiskey. If these samples are representative of the coming whole, the final edit should be a pretty neat, edifying flick.

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