VIDEO PREMIERE: Evocation “Divide and Conquer”

We at Decibel get a lot of chances at firsts. We were the first metal magazine to put flexi discs in the Common Era. We were the first magazine to introduce the Hall of Fame. 95 and counting, to be awesomely sure. We were also the first magazine to premiere new Evocation album—in its entirety—Illusions of Grandeur and remastered demo tune, “Through The Darkened Peril“, before any of the Euros got the chance. Not to compare Evocation to any other Decibel milestone—of which there are many—but it’s fair to say where and when it concerns the Swedes we’re pretty much ground fucking zero.
Endless gabbing aside, we have the new Evocation video for the ultra groovy, “Divide and Conquer”. Filmed by German director Carlo Oppermann in an abandoned hospital in Offenbach, Germany, it’s the kind of video that makes you think something horrible is going to happen. And, well, it kind of does. Not like in Cattle Decapitation’s soccer mom approved “Forced Gender Reassignment” video, but there’s enough squeamish stuff going on to make even the most hardened gore fan a true Evocation believer. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves.

** Evocation’s new album, Illusions of Grandeur, is out now on Century Media Records. It’s available HERE in several industry standard formats. So, buy or die. Or, face wrath of the other ‘Shuns. You know, Immolation and Incantation.