For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Howdy ho, your boy Waldo here with all the shit that’s set to spew.

Rarities, remixes and covers, OH MY! ISIS are releasing Temporal, a posthumous collection that contains unreleased demos, remixes and some videos. This is the type of thing that really appeals to fans only. Spanning their 13-year career, this isn’t a good starting point for new fans, but more of a stab at nostalgia. It’s 14 songs, and five videos, and is a pretty cool collection if you like this sort of thing. From Mosquito Control to Wavering Radiant, there’s a little bit of everything, so it more than likely won’t disappoint fans of the band. It’s pretty hard to review this sort of thing because it’s not really new material. Nothing too crazy or mind-blowing, but nothing that shows a glaring lack of judgment on the part of the band. I dunno, uhhh… 5 FUCKING PECKS.

obi wan

The medical masters of mayhem are back at it with with a five-song EP to remind you that they still worship Carcass. GENERAL SURGERY throw Like an Ever Flying Limb into a meat grinder and spit it your “general” direction. This had to be recorded in a morgue; it’s got an echo-y quality that can only be the natural reverb of a room once filled with corpses. Starting out with a fast-paced grinder, this opens fierce and doesn’t let go in it’s 11 minutes of pure, unadulterated gore. This is a bloody mix of Swedish death and goregrind, and reminds you of that constantly. My only question: Why just an EP? Hopefully it’s a brief stepping point, one to remind you that they are still around and are continuing. Kudos. 7 FUCKING PECKS.

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT take crust, sludge, death and some twisted version of psych, toss it into a blender and bring us Widowmaker. This has all kinds of stuff, and yet doesn’t come across genre-hopping. There’s some downright creepy moments on this, but it still maintains a nasty noise. Part 1 has a haunting guitar solo, recorded at a snail’s pace, but is still brutal. These tracks meander, but with a point; even when it’s slow, there are moments in the background that continue to hold the listener’s attention. This is beaking heavy, and you can tell these dudes are pissed. If this sounds interesting to you, it should be–this band is treading some bold waters, but they pull it off effortlessly and pummel your beak in the dirt. Check it out. 9 FUCKING PECKS.

My old-school peck is actually being re-released. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY re-release Eye for an Eye, and they needed to. This and the attached Six Songs With Mike Singing have been out of print forever; check this punk, crust and sometimes metal hodgepodge of crossover greatness.