For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

Happy Halloween, kiddies. We’ve got some spooky stuff lined up for you.
CRADLE OF FILTH release The Manticore and Other Horrors, and you know it’s, like, haunting and stuff. This is pretty gothy, boys and girls, and this one’s a little more punk, meaning the riffs aren’t as complex as some of their past efforts, but by no means is this a punk record. There’s your usual COF stuff–you know, strings, keys, some gothy vocals, some female vocals. This whole album is a bestiary of critters, mostly scary ones . An exploration in dark fairy tales, if you will. One should really know what to expect from these guys by now, as this is their 10th outing. With dirtier production, this would have a little more teeth (see, there’s that scary thread again), but all in all, it’s not bad. This isn’t my cup of tea, really, but passable. Check out Hot Topic and pick this thing up if you want to scare the “norms” in your town; otherwise, just read Grimms’ Fairy Tales and you’ll get the idea. 5 Fucking Pecks.

Do you like your NEUROSIS heavy? Well, check out Honor Found in Decay–it’s been described as their “pinnacle record” and, well, it’s beaking good. Heavy, arty, this lumbering behemoth certainly won’t disappoint. This band continually progresses, constantly burning down the shadows of their former selves to re-create a new lumbering monster; at times this thing seems like it may very well veer out of control, but in the midst of this chaos is a certain beautiful order. I’m sure this will be pecked over like I have mites by the masses, some agreeing, some disagreeing, that this is a good record, but in this birdbrained opine, it’s beaking good. Not their best, but for peck’s sake, they’ve only been around for, like, ever. 7 Fucking Pecks.

BISON B.C. hits us with Lovelessness and I’m digging it. This has a nasty noise rock feel, the vocals reminiscent of Unsane at times. This is definitely one of the best bands in Canada right now. A little less cohesive than their previous releases, but that’s where I think this stands out–it has more variation in the tracks. This band is mean, the production is mean. I pecking dig this. 7 Fucking Pecks.

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