A Very Heavy Halloween III: Stallone Vs. Dane Cook & the Kings of Leon

We’re about two weeks out from the release of American Baby, the driving, effervescent debut from ex-Torche/current MonstrO guitarist Juan Montoya’s instrumental metal outfit Stallone. Burly as their namesake, Limited Fanfare Records describes the EP as “riff oriented, drop-tuned melodies combined with an uplifting expression of aggressive energy” and that seems pretty spot on, though the exclusive stream of the track “Tight Like Tigers” below will give you all a chance to decide for yourselves.

In keeping with this month’s A Very Heavy Halloween theme Stallone also sent along a list of a few people who should die in a horror movie and how. Try to read it through all the headbanging if you can:

Dane Cook: He’s incredibly annoying….Mauled by to death by a werewolf while backpacking through Great Britain with Larry the Cable Guy, the friend nobody likes.

Kings of Leon: The band is playing on stage. They all get shit on by a flock of BIRDS and are pecked to death after complaining there are no plush towels or bird wranglers around.

Jerry Sandusky: He falls victim to the Children of the Corn…with an enormous cob of corn as the murder weapon!

Gene Simmons: This one has a twist…Gene is a very greedy bastard and has much covered all of the seven deadly sins at one time in his life. Imagine Gene and Paul as detectives in the desert on the hunt for a serial killer…they open up a mysterious box only to see a decapitated head copping Space Ace’s makeup.

Check out more over at Stallone’s bandcamp.