Full Album Stream: Darsombra’s “Climax Community”

I don’t know about you but a “climax community” sounds like a hell of a nice place. It definitely beats what we usually see in America: retirement communities, gated communities and segregated communities. Who doesn’t want to get down?
A climax community is actually a term involving heady ecological ideas that hurt our feeble brain. We’d like to think of it as a big swinger’s group without the gold chains and cellulite. While you are making (likely futile) plans for a climax community of your own you can listen to a full album stream of Darsombra’s album of the same name, coming from Exile On Mainstream on Oct. 16.

The duo features Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton and has been described as “an audiovisual project.” What this really means: if you are a THC or Ecstasy enthusiast you will appreciate their shows. And while these types of mammoth trip out records often defy description they are definitely trying: “At three songs and clocking in at forty-five minutes, this is a record to dive into and exist within…”

Try it on for yourself below and let us know what you think. Our Baltimore readers might want to hit the album release party this Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Metro Gallery. Get in touch with the band here. Namste, mofos.