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Wednesday’s Presidential debate wouldn’t have been so boring if Jim Lehrer had asked the candidates whether Onward to Golgotha was a top 20 death metal album of all time, or merely top 40. Alas, he choked, leaving it up to your friends at Decibel to nerd out about Incantation history. And honor it on flexi disc.
All you old-schoolers know that axemaster John McEntee ripped for tech-thrashers Revenant prior to forming Incantation. Well, our latest flexi features Incantation covering the former’s “Degeneration,” which originally appeared on Revenant’s s/t 1989 demo. This deathed-up reimagining is exclusive to the flexi series, and should whet your appetite for Incantation’s forthcoming Vanquish in Vengeance, which will drop on Listenable Records this November.

Incantation’s new take on “Degeneration” explodes in black-on-blood-red plastic in the December Decibel. Don’t forget that you can now preserve it and the rest of the flexi series in our brand new limited edition collector’s box! If you’re not an existing subscriber, become one by 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday to ensure your subscription begins with this disc.