Decibrity Playlist: Witchcraft (Magnus Pelander)

To celebrate the release of Legend, last week we brought you Witchcraft bassist Ola Henriksson’s playlist of weightlifting songs. We’d wager that this week’s entry, however, marks the first time any of the artists below have been, and likely will be, mentioned around these parts (other than this apparently). Not only did frontman and founder Magnus Pelander pitch us a much welcomed curveball when he sent over his top five pop songs, but the man clearly knows and enjoys this stuff. Feel free to listen along here as you read about his picks.

Rockwell—”Somebody’s Watching Me” (from 1984’s Somebody’s Watching Me)
I really don’t know anything about this guy, but I am pretty sure he didn’t write the song [note: he did]. This is actually one of my all-time favourite songs in any category. The contrast from the really bad verse into the chorus is just absolutely mindblowing to me. And isn’t it the almighty Michael Jackson who sings the chorus? Pure love.

Kylie Minogue—”Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” (from 2002’s Fever)
I remeber hearing this a couple of times on the radio and one day it just clicked heavily for me. This is pure sex. Sexenergy. “Sexenergy” is my favourite word. I had to listen to this again since it had been a while and it didn’t do as much for me now as it did back then. Still a great track and I like most of Kylie Minogues’ singles. The Godess herself—Tori Amos—does a great cover of this song.

Eiffel 65—”Blue (Da Ba Dee)” (from 1999’s Europop)
Hahahahahaha. This is too good to be true. I remember when this song was played on the telly and I was like 20 years old. I couldn’t admit that I loved it. Then one day I was out having some beers with the legendary rock and roll star Mathias Lilja from the “Ultra-Mega-Ok-60s-Garage-Psych-Stoner-Psycho-Psych-Band” The Strollers. Somehow this song came into the conversation and we both kind of simultaneously confessed our love for it. Euphoria broke out and later Mathias actually went and bought the whole album. I didn’t go that far.

Laleh—”Vårens första dag” (from 2012’s Sjung)
Euphoria. This is pure euphoria. Laleh is a Swedish female singer who is quite popular over here [in Sweden]. The title describes “The First Day Of Spring”. Oh my god…Euphoria!

Veronica Maggio—”Stopp” (from 2008’s Och vinnaren är…)
Also a radio memory. I remember hearing another song by her and going, “What the fuck!? Who is this!?” Her voice is just so…well…I don’t know. She rules big time and the only big concert I have been to in the last few years was by her. I think her last two albums are the best and are essential for fans of feel-good pop.

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