STREAMING: Stinking Lizaveta “View from the Moon”

“I think ‘Doom-Jazz’ means playing heavy music, but not robotically,” said bassist Alexi Papadopoulos to Decibel when we were all much younger. “We like to give ourselves the elbow room for self expression. We are very scientific about our modes and time signatures and cues, but that’s what makes it fun.”
That’s exactly the type of thinking that has landed the Philly-based trio into heaps of accolades and whatnot since forming in the mid-’90s. Always different, never boring and perpetually challenging, Stinking Lizaveta’s seventh run—hence the title 7th Direction to the group’s new full-length—sees the Papadopoulos brothers and hard-hitting drummer Cheshire Agusta taking their labor of art and love to new heights. Produced by Sanford Parker, 7th Direction features 13 tracks of uncompromisingly killer material that should find them headlining next year’s Nearfest, but probably won’t because some old reformed band with a famous keytar/boat propeller player needs to make a mortgage payment. Ah, just as well.

We’re not entirely sure what Stinking Lizaveta view from the moon is like, but we have an idea. Enjoy “View from the Moon” from the best band you’ve never heard of.

** Stinking Lizaveta’s new album, 7th Direction, is out in stores and online on October 22nd. You can pre-order it directly from the label HERE or jettison into space, set up some kind of telepathic connection to Stinking Lizaveta’s rehearsal space and get the Philly trio’s music that way. The former is preferred over the latter, but the latter would be cool as hell.