Decibrity Playlist: Witchcraft (Ola Henriksson)

As detailed in our November issue, we’ve had to wait a good while between Witchcraft albums. When news of the band’s new record finally hit this May, the press release also nonchalantly dropped a couple of bombshells about the group’s lineup. Despite the changes, however, two pillars continue to be frontman/founder Magnus Pelander and bassist Ola Henriksson. So to get you pumped up for the release of his band’s fourth full-length Legend next week, the latter was kind enough to put together a playlist of weight lifting songs or tracks to “get your adrenaline pumping on any given day.” We’ll unveil a completely different playlist from Henriksson’s counterpart next week (it’s a doozy), but in the meantime you can listen along to Ola’s picks here.

Big Business—”Easter Romantic” (from 2005’s Head For The Shallow)
The heaviest song ever written. The whole approach is amazing. Love it!

Terra Firma—”Groundman” (from 2001’s Harms Way)
Swedish band that got way too little recognition. Really good song. I saw them live once with Cathedral and Orange Goblin and got a scar above my right eye after I got smashed in the head with a bottle of beer that night. Blew my mind anyway!

Hoyt Axton—”Greenback Dollar” (from 1962’s The Balladeer)
Cool name, amazing voice and he looks like a fucking hero. What more can you ask for?
Sometimes it’s NOT about the money! At least he makes me believe it’s so.

Tractor—”All Ends Up” (from 1972’s Tractor)
“Don’t let the man in the grey suit deceive you!” Perfect line, after one minute of whistling noise. Evil guitar sound and incredibly heavy riff! A must.

Misfits-“Skulls” (from 1982’s Walk Among Us)
Yup. If you want energy, listen to Mr. Danzig’s early stuff. Classic!

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