STREAMING: The Casualties “Brick Wall Justice”

It’s isn’t often the “extremely extreme” or the “new noise” transitions from death, black, doom, or whatever to punk rock, so on September 19th, 2012 the Deciblog puts on a pair of 20-year old Doc Martens, trades our jean jacket with the Kreator backpatch for a leather one with studs and self-painted logos, and defies gravity by making our long hair go up instead of down. Today is the day of punk rock in the form of New York City legends The Casualties.

Taking cues from British punk (e.g., Discharge, The Exploited, GBH, and English Dogs) and an old-school New York City attitude (pre-Giuliani, please), The Casualties’ aggressive and uncompromising brand of punk is just tonic Americans need for uncertain times. Certainly, The Casualties may be old-school and unchanged but drummer Meggers was right in a 2010 interview on, “One thing that I have always loved about punk rock. It’s for everyone. Some of my favorite bands are super political like, Crass, Aus-Rotten, and Dirt. And others are more of the fuck the world; sing about personal issues, like the Threats, GBH, Black Flag. So I believe there’s plenty room for all and all should be heard.”

So, hear The Casualties’ “Brick Wall Justice” away. It’ll make old hats yearn and newjack punks grin.

** The Casualties’ new album, Resistance, is out September 25th on Season of Mist Records. It’s available HERE on CD, LP, and limited edition LP. Tell ’em Decibel sent you. They might tell you to piss off or “Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person.” Or, you might get something extra cool. Who knows?!