STREAMING: haarp “Bear”

According New Orleans-based sludge doom outfit haarp, their music is a weapon. Not the kind of weapon the U.S. government has in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.), but more the ancient Celtic god kind; a weapon of enchantment. Though we really wouldn’t say our experience with haarp—stylized in all lowercase letters—is enchanting in a Disney sort of way. Rather, they wow in their ability to transport us to realms distorted and down-tuned and hook-laden.
“When writing Husks,” says haarp skinsman Keith Sierra, “we tried to continue the development of our sound by adding some influences we haven’t touched on in the past while still maintaining the feel and sound we have cultivated over the past few releases. We think the results paid off, and that the album is a natural progression of our sound.”

Natural progression + cultivation of new influences = rad! So, enjoy a cold one on yourself while you enjoy a loud one on us and Housecore Records.

** haarp’s Husks is out September 18th, 2012 on Housecore Records. Husks is on CD HERE and LP HERE. Get it or be sent to Alaska on your own dime to be a human H.A.A.R.P. experiment.